3X Wild Cherry Slots

3x Wild Cherry video slot displays the cherry triplets bouncing around full of lively excitement, and every spin brings players one step closer to winning a possible progressive jackpot payout. The backdrop shows the cherries on an island beach, while daytime is spent relaxing and enjoying the sun and clear ocean. The cherries principal objective is to return home much wealthier than before. The 3X Wild Cherry Slot game is a traditional, yet advanced classic slot game which is available to players all over the world. The classic slot action is designed to maximise fun, and keep things simple and easy for players to understand. The slot game features minimal pay lines and the symbols, as with most other classic slots, besides, the game offers some unique features.

How 3x Wild Cherry Works & Performs

3x Wild Cherry video slot will transport players back to a time when classic one arm bandits ruled the gambling world. Modern players are tempted by the immense array of possibilities to win astonishing and fabulous prizes. Enjoying the best slots from the comfort of home is a huge bonus. The game also offers increased payouts, a much wider variety of bonus games and several other benefits even the cherries will enjoy! Bringing a retro slot into the modern age is no mean feat! WGS has created 3x Wild Cherries to resemble a traditional, brass one-arm bandit. The vast selection of bonus rewards and huge prizes links the game with modern times. The pay table is part and parcel of the screen which ensures players get the exact same charming experience that was enjoyed many years ago.

Symbols of a Bygone Era

Classic period related symbols include single blue bars, red double bars, gold triple bars, piles of cash, a golden bell as well as bright red multiplier symbols. Players will also encounter a happy-go-lucky cherry in a cheerful festive mood. The game will satisfy any reward craving player while simultaneously allowing the players to really benefit from and enjoy the multiple bonuses and winnings they add. On top of the reels, there are three payout levels shown for each of the symbols. They include a light blue box, a yellow box, and purple one. They change according to the bet staked per line.

Setting the Bets

The bets can be set from below the reels by using the bet one button or maximum bet button. The bet one button will increase the wager value by one coin at a time. The max bet button makes it jump up to three coins per line, which is the highest winning payout possible. Besides choosing the number of coins per spin, players can adjust the value of every coin. The values are used to convert coin winnings into cash payouts. A higher bet will produce a higher payout. The values range from just $0.01, rising up to $10.00 per coin/bet. This creates a maximum bet of $30.00 a spin.

Wild Game Features

Even though 3x Wild Cherry is a classic slot game, the developer has ensured that the very best winnings possible can be activated with the help of wild multipliers and their progressive jackpots above the reels. The 3x multiplier represents the wild game icon and can show up on all the reels for extra winning opportunities. The symbol can pay out winnings of up to 500 coins when one coin per line is wagered. 1,000 coins are won with a 2 coins per spin bet, and an incredible 1,500 coins when the maximum bet is staked. Moreover, the 3x game symbol can replace any other symbol apart from the jackpot symbol. It can also multiply combinations with a 3x multiplier when one wild symbol is involved in a winning line combination, and by 9x when two symbols are included. The jackpot icons appear with the wild cherry along with the word jackpot written in large orange and yellow letters. They provide exceptional jackpot winnings irrespective of the value of the wager. When all three coins are wagered, players stand a much better chance of landing a winning combination.

The Wagering System

Players who try out 3X Wild Cherry slots will have a decent range of wagering options. They can go with a bet of just $0.25 per coin, with one to three coins on the reels. Or else they can wager as much as $10 per coin, with up to three coins used, for a much better payout. Players are free to pick whatever amount they like, however, they are recommended to wager at least $0.25 per spin, as that is the qualifying bet amount to unlock the jackpot prize of this slot game.

The Advantages of the Wilds

3X Wild Cherry slots game has wild symbols that are powerful and serve as multipliers for other icons used within the game. Getting one Wild along with two standard paying symbols, and players can triple the payout on the other symbols as well. Getting two of Wilds along with another game icon will multiply the payout by up to 9 times the wager, which is pretty exceptional. Besides the pretty decent regular payouts, the wild symbols can trigger a pretty decent jackpot payout themselves. The fixed jackpot is 500 coins, multiplied by the number of coins that one wagers. It can only be triggered as long as players are wagering $0.25 or more. This is precisely why it is so crucially important to bet that amount. If players find themselves lucky enough to get three all three wilds, then they could walk away with 500, 1,000, or 1,500 valuable coins after such a huge win.

Conclusion of 3x Wild Cherry

It is easy to spend long hours playing and enjoying 3x Wild Cherry video slot, which was developed by WGS, The slot is available for desktop and mobile devices. The progressive jackpot ensures a broader player interest, and the 3-reel slot features just one pay line, providing fun play. With payouts significantly increased with the presence of the bright red cherry symbol, and the winning combinations with the game’s symbols, it caters to thousands of online players who are active fans of classic and traditional slot games.