Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

There is no better or original way to celebrate Thanksgiving on wagering style. Although it may not be that time of the year, that doesn’t mean the game can’t be enjoyed all the year round. Turkey Shoot Wild X is a tribute to Thanksgiving in true slot fashion! The game has a beautifully laid out backdrop full of symbolism, and the promise of a successful turkey shoot! The game has all but three reels and the one pay line, and that is enough to create an excellent wagering experience. The mobile version of the game compliments its desktop counterpart and produces a beautiful mobile gaming experience. The top bet is a modest $15 per spin, but the winning payouts are satisfyingly frequent. Turkey Shoot Wild X offers much promise, but does it actually deliver?

Theme & Setting

The reels are superimposed onto a turkey backdrop. The turkey is surrounded by several vegetables, and he is wearing a funny hat, oozing humour and laughter. The richly designed backdrop provides a pleasantly relaxing atmosphere conducive to successful betting. The symbols fit into the turkey influenced scene. The game buttons are neatly positioned below the reels so players can access them with ease, and at any time during the game.

Wagering on the Turkey

The one pay line takes the brunt of the wagering action. Similar symbols lead to winning payouts. The variety of betting options is there despite this obvious limitation. The broad spectrum of betting options is afforded by the vast choice of different value coins. The coin sizes commence at just $0.01. The rest of the values are $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, and up to a high of $5.00 per coin. Players can bet up to three coins on the pay line, which creates a top bet of $15 per spin. The betting options being limited by the single pay line, the coin sizes make up for that. With highly intuitive game control buttons, the whole betting process is a really pleasurable experience.

Symbols & Payouts

And the symbols that appear during the game are traditional ones. There are cherries, bells, a dollar sign, bar symbols, Sevens, the 2X Wild icon, the 2X, and the 5X Turkey Shoot game logo. Furthermore, Turkey Shoot Wild X provides a clear and concise pay table where all the payout combinations and values can be seen. There are seven game symbols on all. They all add a touch of classic gambling action and casino thrills. All seven of the symbols can have three payout possibilities. It will depend on the number of coins that are wagered. The Cherry is the lowest paying game icon, giving out between two and four coins, depending on how many coins are staked. Starting with the lowest paying symbol, the cherry, which pays out from two to four coins. Two of them pay out from five to ten coins, and landing all three of them will gain a payout of ten to twenty coins! The triple Bar icon pays fifteen to thirty coins. The triple golden dollar is next up, with combinations paying out from twenty to forty coins. Next up is the triple red seven symbol, which also pays out twenty to forty coins. The payouts start increasing significantly with the triple Wild 2x symbol combinations, which boost the payouts substantially, up to between 500, and 1000 coins! The game also provides payouts for combinations of Wild symbols.

High Paying Symbols

Landing a combination of 2x Wild and 5x Turkey Shoot logo symbols can gift players with a fantastic payout of from 2,000 to 4,000 coins. The absolute highest paying game symbol is the Triple 5x Turkey Shoot logo symbol. Its combinations pay out an ultra-generous bonanza of 5,000 coins for a single coin bet, 10,000 for a double coin wager, and a massive 15,000 coins if all three coins are bet on the pay line. The game also provides extra action with the inclusion of a number of different multipliers. They can rise to a vast 25x the bet, depending on the exact symbol combinations.

Wild Turkey Shoot Bonus

The game also features a bonus feature that will attract even more interest. Wild Turkey Shoot bonus game is activated when the Turkey game symbol lands on the third reel. Players then automatically access the Wild Turkey Shoot Bonus round, where they can win all the way up to 500 coins! It gives more chances to win a payout and provides extra fun and entertainment.

Turkey Shoot Summary

Turkey Shoot Wild X is a special and unique slot with lots of delicious turkeys providing the action and Wild wins. The bonus round, the Wild feature and the overall game flow is a wonderful example of a well-designed casino slot game, with great potential for winning payouts. The wagering process is pleasing, efficient, and easy to control with the individual game control buttons. The theme is pretty exciting and engaging, giving the game its colour and touch of casino glamour. Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots won’t disappointed players and that Thanksgiving turkey could bring you the Wild luck to win the highest payout! Shoot those fat turkeys to kill!