Tailgate Blitz Slots

Tailgate Blitz Slots

Experience the thrills of tailgating your favourite American football theme with Tailgate Blitz slot, and its jackpot payout prize of 5,000 multiplied by your triggering line bet. The word tailgate means one of two things. Firstly, someone is driving a bit too close to another car's fender, thus causing a precarious situation on the road. The other meaning is something that is a lot of fun, but the word tailgating is only familiar with people from the United States, which is where the Tailgate Blitz is all happening. Tailgating was all the rage before NFL games. These different parties take place on a parking lot outside stadia, where fans of the home teams gather together to celebrate their passion for their team and to talk about previous games. They also have barbecues and sip refreshing drinks. Tailgate Blitz is precisely that same idea turned into a great slot game. The players will find a massive jackpot of 5000 coins, 20 pay lines and medium volatility with a theoretical RTP Return to Player of 96%. The fixed pay lines and the wild and scatter symbols suffice for a decent experience on this slot game, however, you won't find free spins or bonus features.

Wagering & Gameplay

Tailgate Blitz slot has a maximum bet per pay line of $5, which results in the maximum stake of $100 a spin. There are several sums in-between the two margins of one cent and $100 per spin, players can choose what works best for them. In Tailgate Blitz slots you get pretty simple wagering limitations that make this slot seem pretty generic. There are 20 pay lines, and you are free to wager on as many or as few of the pay lines as you would like. On each pay line, you have a single coin bet placed. The bets range in size from $0.01, up to $5.00 overall. That's not a vast range, but the betting gap grows more substantial when you consider how many different pay lines you can wager on at the same time. With the different bet settings it possible to stake as little as $0.01 and as high as $100. That is an excellent variety of betting options, which means you can choose to bet big or small and still find an amount you are comfortable with.

Controls & Game Buttons

Tailgate Blitz slot comes with a simple Autoplay feature that allows you to start and stop the Autoplay mode. When this feature is activated, you won't have to press the spin button on the reels any longer. Instead, the slot automatically does all the spinning for you. This guarantees that you can start and stop the spins whenever you like, and it can help you play over a long period without getting too tired of pressing the spin button over and over. The Bet/Lines setting beneath the reels is where you can place your bets on each active pay line. The paytable, which is located at the bottom left-hand corner, contains a question mark plastered onto the pigskin control buttons board, which is where all of the potentials for fun is, once unleashed with the push of that magic spin button.

Theme & Design

The game design contains plenty of details familiar to anyone who has watched NFL games. The pregame show is where the cameras get a glimpse of the tailgating crowd just outside the stadium. The game logo lets you know what this is all about, and Tailgate Blitz is flanked by a large fork and a spatula on both sides. The background is a photo of the spectators in their seats at the stadium.

Symbols of Glory & Victory

One-half of the game symbols are backed by grass and are represented by the high-value playing cards from nine to ace. The symbols are all shaped like pieces of beef meat that have been grilled on the barbecue. These are the lower-valued symbols. The other category consists of a hot grill that has been set on fire, a hamburger, the hotdog and the football on top, and we don't know much about the football, it seems a bit too risky to say the least, but hey, it is a Tailgate Blitz party! The other symbols are some brewskies chilling in a case of ice, a dude-bro in a hat and another one just scoping out all the action. There is the game logo, and the scatter symbol too.

Payouts & Strategy

The slot game has two symbols of a rather superb value - that is the two bros, where one pays 1,000 and the other 2,500 coins times the line bet when five matching symbols land on a line. The best part about Tailgate Blitz is that the Wild symbol which substitutes for either. The winning payout could be delivered with four matching symbols. The wild is the game's most valuable symbol. If five land on the reels, the jackpot prize of 5000 coins will be paid out times the line bet. There is then the Scatter symbol which is a dollar sign. It doesn't pay much but when in sight, the prizes are multiplied by the total bet and in addition to line prizes.

Mobile Tailgate Blitz

For many fans of American Football, the pleasure of watching the games in person all starts with a wild tailgate party. Before the game even begins you set up out in the parking lot with lots of beer, delicious food and all the great treats that you can really enjoy with friends and other football fans.

Scatter & Jackpot

The jackpot and Scatter symbol payouts aren't all that high, however, the best scatter does payout 100x your total triggering wager, or up to $10,000 if you bet the maximum amounts on all pay lines. That isn't a huge payout and nothing to get overly excited about for the risk that you are taking to play the slot. The next best winning prize comes from getting a mixture of burger and hotdog icons as well as a beer symbol. Get that combination of symbols, and you stand to win up to 500x your triggering wager for a excellent prize payout. Besides those two features, the rest of the payouts are relatively modest, yet frequent.

Innovative Bonus Features

It is quite rare to find a scratch card style game while playing a slot, but that is exactly what you get with the Tailgate bonus feature. Getting three or more of the dollar signs on the reels will trigger this unique feature. Once it is active, you can scratch between two to seven prizes depending on the number of scatters to trigger the round. Your scratchers will reveal many different instant prizes that will help you enjoy your game just a bit more. Not only are you granted full access to substantial instant prizes, but you also get to enjoy the wonderful experience of scratching those cards and uncovering rewards.


Tailgate Blitz is a fun slot game for Football fans that really like the theme of the game. It's not the type of slot that's going to pull you away from an already good slot game, because it just doesn't offer enough features or a high enough prize payout. With that said, for fans of the sport the slot is very enjoyable and certainly worth a try or two.