Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Ultimate 10x Wild Slots promises to be a rollercoaster ride of wagering, Wild, 10x multipliers, and hot casino action. There are some exceptional and unique, special casino features, besides the titular Wild. The symbols are kept minimalistic and are grounded in casino reality. They provide thrills and chances that can lead to high payouts and increased excitement levels. The game has 3-reels and just the one pay line. The star of the show is the wonderful and exceptional progressive jackpot, which can be won randomly by any participating player. Ultimate 10x Wild is the follow-up release after the enormously successful initial instalment of the Wild X series. The game is packed with fantastic bonus features. They include Wilds, free spins, and more. The casino action is taken to another level with the finely tuned wagering process, which is versatile and will satisfy all type of players. The progressive jackpot has a pot that starts out at $10,000 and rises considerably as everyone who plays the game contributes towards the standard pot. Coin values start at 1 cent and move up to a higher limit of $5 per coin. Nevertheless, the game serves up a maximum betting limit of $15 per spin. Let’s check out Ultimate 10X Wild on greater detail, shall we?

Features & Theme

Ultimate 10x Wild doesn't need cosmetics or glitterati to create excitement and wagering magic! The game possesses so many positive features that it is impossible not to fall in love with it! The exciting and valid casino features indeed add spice to the gameplay, also increases the chances of winning something at the same time.

Wagering the Ultimate Bet

The 3-reel, one pay line set up is straightforward to use and pleasurable to experience. There isn’t much to master, and after a few spins, the game system becomes easy to use. The wagering is likewise an enjoyable process which throws up an abundance of betting options. The coin sizes provide the variety. They start from $0.01, rising as follows; $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00. The uppermost value rises to $5.00 per coin. Up to three coins can be staked upon the pay line, thereby creating a maximum wager of $15. The betting process is easily controlled by the game buttons located on the taskbar at the base of the game’s screen. They include buttons for Spin/Bet, Up and Down, and to set the bet amount. There is also an AutoPlay button which allows the function of setting a fixed number of automatic spins. Once a winning payout is registered the spins will automatically cease.

Classic Slot Symbols

Among the many classic game symbols that grace the game, players will encounter a Cherry, a Diamond, single, double, and triple Bar icons. The game also has a Triple 3X symbol, as well as an Ultimate 10X Logo symbol. There are also lucky Sevens and traditional Bells. The useful and informative pay table shows all the winning payout values for all the symbols and combinations that actually pay out. The has a fantastic feature that players will love. The Double Up feature allows players to wager the all or nothing!

Ultimate Mobile

The game has a really fantastic mobile version of the game that works on every level. It is a streamlined version that can be enjoyed by players while on the go. The game is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices and operating systems. A good quality mobile device will recreate all the graphical brilliance and outstanding features of the desktop version. It is refreshing and gratifying that due importance has been given to the creation of the mobile version of Ultimate 10X Wild Slots.

Wild Magic

Ultimate 10X Wild is billed as the Ultimate slot experience. There are just nine winning possibilities, but that means the payouts are much more frequent than usual. The two Wilds add immense excitement as they bring substantial winning payouts whenever they turn up. Due to the minimal number of different symbols, both the Wild appear more frequently than the other symbols, as well as most other slots. The Ultimate 10X Wild symbol can pay out up to 10x the bet for landing just one. If two land on the reels, the multiplier shoots up to 100x the wager! The progressive jackpot does not do any harm either! It can appear out of nowhere to award a top value payout!

The Ultimate Payouts

The paytable conveniently placed at the top of the screen allows players to check their current balance at any time during the game. The symbols and payouts can also be seen clearly. It is well worth reading the pay table before setting out on betting. The top payout rises to an incredible 30,000 coins, worth up to $15,000 if the maximum coin value of $5 is wagered, and three coins are placed on the pay line. Two coins and even one coin earn a recent payout in keeping with the bet.


Upon checking out every feature, bonus, payout and progressive jackpot, one can honestly admit the game is pretty entertaining and impressive. It has absolutely everything a player could ask for, from Wilds to multipliers, taking in a progressive jackpot. The wagering is excellent, and the top bet of $15 a spin may not seem like much, it is sufficient to produce high energy wagering and high stakes. The game really does deliver an ultimate gaming experience! Why not discover the pure thrills of a traditional casino game brought vividly to life. Prepare for a Wild casino ride.