Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Goblin's Gold Wild X is a virtual goldmine of Goblin proportions! It is the type of slot game that players should not be afraid of trying out. There is gold to be harvested here, even if it does require a little bit of digging in the dirt! Goblin’s Gold Wild X is a brilliant video slot game developed by Microgaming. It will take players on an exciting underground journey into the heart of the mine. There they will meet the goblins busy at work digging in the gold mine. The coveted precious metal lies deeply hidden underneath the surface. It will not be easy, but imagine getting it out! Fortunately for us, these creatures of darkness are expert miners. If players can convince them, they might just be happy to oblige and lend a hand.

Old School Slot Experience

The classic layout incorporates 3-reels, and three horizontal pay lines for wagering and the goblins sure know how to get their hands on that pure gold! If players want their share of the plunder, they will need to become familiar with their surroundings first. Goblins Gold Wild X is an excellent example of old school casino slot design. It has a somewhat static background, with an uncluttered game screen. The game control buttons, displays and symbol lists are all on the screen. All the information players need during the game is clearly visible. The background has a beautiful view of the inside of the deep mine, and there is a dimly lit tunnel that runs deep into the rock. The prominent and impressed game logo has a green goblin with a mischievous looking face. Goblins Gold Wild X is organised with straightforward game rules. Gold digging will feel like second nature for the player.

Game Set Up

The basic setup is 3-reels and three horizontal pay lines which run across them. The layout could not be more simple than that. Players need to land combinations of symbols on the pay lines in order to activate winning payouts and cash prizes that correspond to the value of the symbols they get. The size of the wager matters as well. Putting in a little extra brings back a lot more! The command taskbar is right below the reels, and players can easily modify the settings. The (+), and (-) buttons adjust the coin sizes, and the bet one button controls the number of activated pay lines on the reels. Hitting the spin buttons starts the reels spinning. The outcome of that spin could net players some of that Goblin gold! The maximum bet button is a convenient shortcut that will activate all the three pay lines at the same time. It places the highest bet available on all of the pay lines at the same time. It is the perfect option for high rollers and risk-takers, as it raises the stakes.

Pay Table & Payouts

The Goblin’s Gold paytable is permanently displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. Players can check it periodically to see what the stakes are, and how much the symbol combinations pay out. The bar symbols take up the majority of the symbols on the menu. There are single, double, and triple bars, and a variable combination of any bar signs still activates a modest cash prize. The biggest win the game hands out are for landing combinations of lantern and gold sack symbols. They can pay out prizes of 300 and 500 times the size of your initial wager respectively. That would credibly boost players’ bankrolls!

Goblin’s Wild Symbol

The goblin head game icon that appears on the reels is a little different from the others. It is essentially the Wild of the game, with unique, special powers. It can replace any of the other game symbols, thereby giving players additional chances of completing winning combination on the reels. Goblin Head symbols are also the most valuable of the game. They can award players up to 6,000 times the bet! That would depend on the pay lines they land upon. On the other hand, the revolting and vile Goblin creatures will never let themselves be caught so easily. Players will need to stay entirely focused and be as patient as possible to land such a high paying and valuable combination payout.


Goblins Gold Wild X is a high-quality retro-style slot game. Its traditional layout along with its excellent theme has made it an Instant classic. There are few special casino features, yet the Wild Goblin adds excellent chances for high payouts. The graphics are bright and pure, and Goblins Gold Wild X still manages to create a truly unique gaming atmosphere. It brings a little bit extra to the overall experience. Try it out, and go for the gold!