7x Lucky 7s Slots

Seven is the magic number, and Wild is the name of the game. 7x Lucky 7s is a wildly entertaining slot game with a fantastic design and exceptional graphics. The Wild features are incredibly unique, and the payouts are more frequent than usual. The game creates more multipliers than one can imagine, and the more Wilds one receives, the higher the winning combinations that will be configured. The generous multipliers start from 7x the bet. The following step up reaches an astonishing 49x the wagered amount. Seven indeed is the magic number. It is a winning lucky number and the one seen most often on traditional 3-reel slots. The game is uncluttered, and projects a beautiful theme, putting the player firmly in the driving seat.

Wagering on Lucky 7

7x Lucky 7s forms part of a series of games bearing the Wild X name. This game offers eight winning symbol combinations that could turn up on the one available pay line. The slot game includes two Wild icons and a lucrative progressive jackpot of $25,000. The great ‘double up’ feature enables players to double their winnings. The buttons include Up and Down, which allow players to customise their bets. Players can bet personalise the stakes and place up to three coins on the pay line. The coin values commence at $0.01 and rise to a maximum of $5 per coin. The broad range of betting options will suit all players. The $5 upper limit won’t break the bank and will satisfy the more daring players. The game system is progressive; therefore the payout percentages are reasonable and fair.

Double Up Feature

The Double Up feature is a great tool to increase the potential wins. The jackpot is a massive attraction that provides multiple chances of winning. The astronomical progressive jackpot feature has to be gained by someone! As the progressive jackpots near the payout limit of $25,000, the opportunities to win it significantly increase. The chances of winning the jackpot prize will increase in accordance with the size of the bet. Nevertheless, a minor bet can still win players a reasonably lucrative cash reward. The amount of the jackpot is displayed clearly on the screen, where it is permanently displayed.

Lucky Symbols

The symbols that populate the reels include a motley bunch of unusually designed game icons. They are all related to the magical and lucky seven. The variety consists of a blue seven, a purple one, and a red seven. There is also a classic cherry icon and the Lucky 7s Wild symbol. They all combine well to produce a pleasant experience. There are not too many different symbols; therefore, the ones here turn up more frequently in winning combinations. Moreover, the clarity of the symbols is refreshing, and they stand out beautifully.

Mobile 7

The mobile game is a superbly designed version of the desktop one. It has been created specifically for mobile gaming, modified to fit tablet and smartphone screens. The game can be played using the latest Instant Play mode, or downloaded to a mobile device, and a PC. It works efficiently and loads up quickly, providing an optimum mobile experience. The gaming qualities are no less impressive with the mobile version. Players can avail themselves of the many advantages of playing via a mobile device, and this game is designed to accommodate that need.


7x Lucky 7s is a gratifying slot to play. The game pushes all the correct buttons that create a premium slot gaming experience. The traditional setting of the theme is akin to a luxurious land casino. The mobile platform works excellent on modern tablets and smartphones. The design is straightforward and simple, and 7x Lucky 7s has become a fan favourite. The symbols are functional with the theme and wagering a pleasure to behold. The fantastic mobile version adds another medium for players to access the game, and it brings out the best qualities of the game. Try out a pure and entertaining slot that is an excellent example of modern day slots with plenty of potential payouts and bucket loads of fun.