Reel Poker Slots

Poker is the holy grail of casino games The King of card Games! Reel Poker gives players a delicious taste of the real thing, yet with a significant difference. One can play in the comfort of their own home, curled up in bed, or in front of a laptop. The slot game serves up 5-reels along with 52 icons on each of them. There is a full pack of cards as the game's icons. All wins are created with the outcome of the poker hands. The slot is exceptionally realistic and provides players with an authentic experience and opportunity to try out a real game of poker, thus the name; Reel (Real) Poker. All the magic of poker is on offer in slot machine format, offering players an unparalleled and an atmospheric gaming experience, which is shrouded with the mystic and allure of the card game poker. Reel Poker Slots is the perfect combination of video poker and slots. The game offers three distinct and unique jackpots. There is a real card deck, and one of the highest win rates players will ever see. One can also look forward to a fantastic and lucrative bonus round that sees players select cards. Let us discuss all of these aspects of the game and more in this review of Reel Poker Slots. The game manages to merge the beauty of poker with the high-tension excitement of a modern day slot machine experience.

Slot Royal Flush

A Royal Flush combination is the highest and best hand to receive, and one of a kind. The Royal Flush runs from the ten card, up to the Ace card, all of the same suit. It will net the player a cool 10,000 times the original bet! Spinning the wheels of Reel Poker slots will thrill, entertain and excite players in equal measures. There are in fact 100 different winning permutations, and there are no less than three progressive jackpots. The jackpots can be won after every spin. When the maximum bet is wagered, the probabilities of claiming the jackpots all increase. The pots are continually replenished as each player contributes a minute amount to it. Once it is won and claimed by a super-lucky player, it will reset itself back to a base figure. Then the process begins all over again. These three progressive jackpots represent the best chances of winning a high payout, and they can reach astronomical proportions. So be advised if aiming for one of the three progressive jackpots that are incorporated into Reel Poker Slots. The other great bonus feature is the exceptional Free Spins round. They come within the bonus round, and are triggered at random with the chance of being awarded up to 30 Free Spins!

Poker Symbols

Spin those Reels, and the 52 Card Symbols will inevitably appear on them. Players will need to create poker hands upon the reels in order to win a payout. The better the hand, the bigger the win. For instance, four cards of a kind, which is called a hand of poker cards, will net the player 45 times the original bet, and 1,000 times the wager if the player happens to get the best hand, the Royal Flush. Landing a Straight Flush, which is a consecutive run of the same house is another high payer, but the Royal Flush pays out the highest the game has to offer at 10,000 times the initial bet. Reel Poker contains 52 symbols, with one for each of the card in the deck. Winning combinations are equivalent to the winning poker hands. They include a royal flush, five of a kind, a straight flush, four of a kind, a full house, a minor flush, and a straight flush. The royal flush is suited at A, K, Q, J, 10, and pays out the most, offering players a bonanza of 10,000 coins when it appears on a pay line. Landing five card symbols of a kind pays the next highest, delivering a 2,000 coin payout. The most interesting, exciting and innovative feature of the game is that players can rely on a 61% hit frequency! That is incredibly high for a slot game, and it really makes the game feel like a video poker game. Players can look forward to 100 pay lines that offer massive winning payouts in a variety of directions, and this is entirely different from most other slots, where winning combinations usually start on the left-most reel and is an innovative touch.

Poker Bonuses & Free Spins

Reel Poker slots offer a lucrative bonus round with three different jackpots. Free Spins and Free games can be triggered randomly. Whenever the bonus round commences, players will see 15 cards face down, and they will need to continue selecting cards until a matched pair hand is achieved. The matching number is equal to the number of free spins players are awarded. If the player turns over the 2x card before matching a pair, then the number of free spins is doubled. With the 2x card, the max number of free spins that players can win is 30.

Minor, Major & Main Jackpots

The Minor Jackpot can be won as soon as it reaches the sum of $75.00. Players will want to start increasing their bets as the jackpot approaches the $75 mark, as that means it is about to pay out any minute. In order to qualify for all three jackpots provided by Reel Poker Slots, players will need to bet at least five coins. The Major Jackpot, on the other hand, must be claimed when it reaches the figure of $750.00, and this is another prize that players will want to keep a good eye on when it starts to approach the designated limit. The third jackpot is the Main Jackpot and can be activated by getting a sequential Royal Flush. The symbols will be a suited ten Jack, Queen, King and Ace, in that exact order, and in either direction. The Main Jackpot is currently worth $3,500.00, and can even rise higher than that!


If players like video poker, then they will definitely enjoy playing it out on the reels with Reel Poker Slots. The game offers a real 52-card deck, with excellent chances to land winning combinations that are based on real poker hands. Other aspects to love about Reel Poker include the monstrous 100 pay lines, winning every way, the magic of matching the cards during the bonus round, as well as playing for three different jackpots. If all of this sounds exciting, then hop in and try out the magic of Reel Poker Slots. What is certain is that Reel Poker is for Real. The beautiful and strategic card game of poker is offered nobly and fittingly. The slot experience does not distract from the essence of the game and in fact, adds a twist of the modern within the slot format. It is the perfect combination of pure gaming married with the technology of today. The exceptionally vibrant and bright graphics and the immersive sound effects really reflect the reality of this classic game. The unique special features added to the game, and the exciting bonuses with lucrative payouts create an unmissable slot and poker experience combined and intertwined together to serve up this gem of a slot game. If you are not impressed with monsters, cute animals and science fiction within a casino slot game, but prefer a more direct approach to gaming, then this is the perfect place, and this is the right time to enjoy poker and win. The game is so realistic and pure that it will transport the player to time and an era when Poker was achieving notoriety and popularity as the game of choice for serious gamblers all over the world. For new players willing to try out a game of poker, have no fear, you will soon learn, and the free game option will train and teach you how to play without expending a single cent. Enter the world of poker, and you will never leave!