Gold of the Gods Slots

Gold of the Gods is a heavenly slot with golden opportunities for winning payouts. The 5-reel, 25 pay line game set up is a familiar layout and affords a clear and easy wagering system that will suit all types of players. The wagering takes on a wide range of betting options to suit every player's pocket and bankroll. Players are transported to an imaginary world filled with images of heavenly characters with ornate costumes and a multi-coloured theme reminiscent of Ancient Greece. One almost expects to see Zeus lurking around the corner somewhere! The boasts some impressive, unique casino features. They include Wild symbols, a bonus game, a high paying progressive jackpot, and plenty to get excited about.

Symbols of the Gods

Gold of the Gods slots populated the reels with a number of holy symbols. They include the Mayan Priest, a Necklace, a Sceptre, a coin, an Idol, a lightning bolt, various Lady symbols, and Men icons. Upon starting the game, players will see rich images of multiple gods that will line up on the reels to produce winning combinations. The woman symbol has angel wings, and the man has white hair and an icicle crown! There is a woman with the jet-black hair wearing a golden headband. Another woman has green eyes and is looking towards the side. The man with the golden curls is a godly image! All in all, there are a total of three lady symbols, along with two male symbols. The characters are dressed in bright white and glittering gold, adding to their mystical and enigmatic appearance. Other symbols that make up the numbers include stone blocks depicting high cards values which are carved onto the stone. There is a bonus symbol and a Wild. A majestic eagle is perched on the side of the screen, while Zeus himself stands with a goblet on the other side. He is wearing a scroll around his neck for a more dramatic effect. The Ancient Greek setting is completed with grapes at the foot of the screen, and hazy, blurred images of trees can be seen in the distance. All of them contribute to creating an ancient Grecian theme of elegance and beauty.

Special Symbols

The lightning bolt symbol is wild icon used in the game. The symbol can only appear on the third reel. Once this happens, the Wild can generate 2, 3, or 4 Sticky Wilds that can land anywhere on the screen. They will trigger one to three free spins. It can also replace other regular game symbols to configure winning combinations leading to healthy payouts. The only symbol it is unable to replace is the Bonus icon.

Five Gods of Gold Bonuses

Gods of Gold slots features no less than five bonus games! They are activated whenever players hit three, or more of the bonus symbols, which can appear on reels 2, 3, or 4. The Wheel of Fortune will determine which of the five bonus games the player will access, and it also determines the exact t multiplier reward.

Progressive Jackpot

The most exciting feature of Gold of the Gods has to be the fantastic progressive jackpot. It stands in a box, right in front of the Zeus character on the screen. The jackpot prize can be won randomly, yet betting the maximum coin value on all the pay lines increases the probabilities of claiming it.

Wagering in Ancient Times

With just six coin sizes to choose from, players can't get confused with the system. The 25 pay lines provide plentiful betting choices starting from a little as 1 cent. Other coin sizes are $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $1.00, and $5.00 is the highest coin value on offer. Only one coin may be wagered on the pay lines. Nevertheless, this setup allows for a maximum bet value of $125 per spin! The classic appearance of the slot design has the reels set firmly at the centre of the screen, and the wagering action. Players can easily alter their bets by using the game controls located on the screen for quick access. The Spin button starts the game off, and the rest of the buttons are really intuitive and self-explanatory. Worth a special mention, the AutoPlay button lets plates fix a large number of automatic spins which will stop when a winning payout is registered.

Payouts from Heaven

The paytable clearly shows all the payout possibilities and combinations that lead to them. Payouts can be earned by landing at least three similar matching icons on the reels. The highest paying symbol of the slot game is the brown-haired lady looking to one side. She can pay out up to 1 500 coins for five matching symbols. The lady with the angel wings can pay up to 750 coins! The one with the headband pays out up to 500 coins. The golden-curly haired deity gives players up to 300 coins. Then there is the white-haired man. He pays out up to 100 coins. The lower paying symbols appear much more frequently than the others, so at least they create minor winning payouts more often.


Gold of the Gods is a heavenly gaming experience with exceptional payout potential. It has a stylish and attractive appearance with its bright, angelic whites, and elegant gold images all over. There are birds of prey, grapes, and golden goblets which all enrich the atmospheric theme. Gold of the Gods slots is a user-friendly game, with fixed pay lines, and a simple and straightforward betting structure. The lightning Wilds serve up chances after chances for extra payouts. The five bonus games are highly enjoyable, in no small part thanks to the wheel of fortune. The theme really is made in heaven, and the game symbols reflect that. The wagering is a finely oiled process with a real choice of bets to suit all players. The high limit is satisfying at $125 a spin, creating rather high stakes, but the potential for even better payouts. Try out Gold of the Gods, and reach for heaven!