Bluebeard's Bounty Slots

Sometimes it is better to take two steps back and try out a pure and exceptional classic slot game. It transports players back to the roots of the game, creating a traditional slot machine experience. Bluebeard’s Bounty slot is the ideal option, with smooth and more straightforward gameplay and wagering system. There is nothing to get confused about with one pay line to wager upon. Despite this limitation, the game offers a high top bet value of $75 per spin! There is clarity and beauty in simplicity, which this exceptional slot provides in bucketloads! The slot game is straightforward and easy to control, and the betting is versatile and entertaining. The classic set up fits beautifully into the retro casino theme and is pleasantly engaging. The game has many positive qualities that players will love. Let’s take a closer look inside Bluebeard's Bounty, and we can see just how bountiful the game really is!

Bountiful Wagering Options

The game set up and style is perfect for housing the 3-reels, and one pay line. It makes the wagering process so much easier to control. The variety of betting possibilities stem from the coin values. They start out with a minimalistic 10 cent per coin, and there are seven other coin sizes to choose from. They include; $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, and up to a very high limit of $25.00 per coin. The uppermost bet rises to $75. It consists of three coins of $25 stakes in the one pay line.

Symbols and Payouts

The game icons provide the vigorous action on the reels. They consist of seafaring characters and related icons. Players will also be pleased to see other classic, 3-reel symbols such as Bars, Cherries, and lucky Sevens. The more imaginative symbols include; the Bluebeard's Bounty game logo, a massive Cannon, a pirate’s talking Parrot, the Skull and Crossbones symbol, and a pirate’s Sword. They combine well together to create a virtual collage of pirate symbols and classic slot icons. Furthermore, Bluebeard’s Bounty offers some pretty decent cash prizes to shoot for. Players could net as much as 1,500 coins with a single spin! The win is attained by getting all three Bluebeard's Bounty game logo symbols on the magic reels of fortune and destiny! That payout is worth an astronomical a pirate’s bounty of $15,000, with a maximum coin value bet consisting of just one coin on the pay line. The impressive Cannon symbol gifts players 150 coins, worth up to $1,500!

Jackpot Bounty

The value of the jackpot is 1,500 coins, and if three $25 coins are wagered, it shoots up to $45,000! Not bad for a 3-reel pirate bandit! To claim this high payout, players need to have three jackpot symbols on the pay line. Players who choose to bet the minimum coin value can still look forward to a lower jackpot payout in keeping with the bet. By wagering the maximum of three coins, the probabilities and chances of winning the jackpot payout increase substantially, even if the minimum coin value is wagered.

Bluebeard's Scatter Feature

The Bluebeard's Bounty game logo symbol stands on for the Scatter. If the Scatter appears anywhere on the reels, it will pay out an automatically win. If the Scatter reappears during the same round, players win a double, the conventional win, and a Scatter win combined!

Game Controls & AutoPlay Magic

If players get tired of pushing the spin button over and over again, they can opt for the Autoplay feature instead. It allows players to set a number of spins automatically. The reels stop as soon as a win appears. The rest of the control buttons are easy to use, and access on the screen. They can be used to set the bets, coin values, number of coins to be placed on the pay lines, and other useful functions.


Players looking for good old classic slot fun will find that Bluebeard’s Bounty is the perfect slot game. Bluebeard’s Bounty provides a slot game with all the adventure and excitement on the high seas that players could dream for. The theme and symbols combine perfectly to provide an enjoyable gaming experience and a smooth wagering process that will suit all players. The classic 3-reel layout is a strong point, and the upper betting limit is high enough at $75 a spin. Playing Bluebeard’s Bounty slots will bring hours of enjoyment, particularly if betting the minimum amount. The payout potential is reasonably high, and the game provides excellent casino style action. Try out Bluebeard’s Bounty slots and fight for that treasure, on the form of a high paying jackpot of $45,000! That is a bountiful and princely gift indeed!